Born in Belgium in 1976, my mother introduced me at a very young age to the pleasure of creative activities.
Later, keeping those activities as favourite hobbies, I studied Law at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve in Belgium. I lived in Singapore for a while, worked  for a  consultancy company, got married, had three wonderful children... and had less and less room for my hobbies.
It was only when turning 35, in 2011, that I decided that it was about time to add to my life what I missed  the most : a certain amount of creativity.
I took a career break and started to paint again.... and I hope now that I will never stop!
In 2018 I had the opportunity to rent an old English Pub in the center of Ottignies, the city next to mine, and I decided to transform it in a studio for artists. We call it "Le Pub-Collectif d'Artistes". In that nice place, we practice our art but we also organise creative classes for children and adults such as drawing and painting lessons, writing lessons, 
sewing lessons, ...
Recently, the Pub also houses a bookstore and a café.

I paint with acrylic colors and focus my work on volumes,  thickness of painting, colour searches and contrasts.
There are no intellectual or intentional meanings beyond my paintings. It is just a way for me to "let go" and escape the stressful day to day routine. Moreover it is a way to empty my spirit while focusing on the colours and the sensual smoothness of the painting materials.
My paintings up until now are geometrical or abstract...though people can imagine seeing landscapes or whatever their  imaginations decide.  The repetition of small volumes in sticks, lines or mosaics creates a rhytm and the aspect of a weaving that often gives the desire to be touched. I do not exclude more figurative paintings in the future... who knows... art is infinite freedom!!!